Meet the Trainers

Jessica Triphahn-Blohm

Jessica Triphahn-Blohm is a trainer at FIT Rx

Jessica is a certified Group Fitness Instructor and Health Coach with over 4 years of experience. She has a Bachelors Degree in Food Science and Nutrition.

She enjoys motivating others to be their best version of themselves though physical activity and wellness habits. Jessica will host a variety of HIIT and circuit training small group fitness classes that are scalable to all fitness levels. She has experience teaching aqua fitness, strength training, choregraphed aerobics, step, and yoga.

Her goal is to ensure each person receives the attention needed to safely move their body to achieve their goals. When Jessica Is not working out she enjoys walks with her family and meal prepping!

Tara Ferencik

Tara Ferencik is a trainer at FIT Rx

Tara Ferencik has spent her life running, playing tennis, training for triathlons, and inspiring the hundreds of patients she has helped as a certified prosthetist and orthotiest. Her passion for fitness and health combined with her love of helping others feel comfortable in their bodies—regardless of the shape they may take—make her a successful and sought–after champion of individuals pursuing peak physical and mental health.

As a trainer focused on one-on-one and small-group coaching, Tara creates a positive studio environment and helps each individual she works with reach his or her personal goals. As an athlete herself, Tara understands the excitement and challenge of the fitness journey and empowers her clients to reach their definition of success through personalized plans and feedback. Not only do Tara’s clients improve flexibility, core strength, and balance, but her gentle coaching and positive reinforcement guarantee that those she works with will leave FitRX feeling better than when they walked in. Tara treasures personal relationships and believes in an individualized approach to each workout, with healthy, long-term lifestyle goals in mind.

When she’s not encouraging clients or engaged in her own training, Tara enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors, and hanging out with her yellow rescue lab, Dolly.

Erin Vargas

Erin Vargas is a trainer at FIT Rx

Erin Vargas is a Quad City native and has a passion for coaching others and being part of their wellness journey! Erin is an ACE certified personal trainer and especially loves group training. She also works full-time at Howell Chiropractic.

She lives in LeClaire with her husband, Jose, twin daughters, Maya and Eva, son, Nico and dog, Copper. In her free time, Erin enjoys taking long walks and hiking, traveling to new places with her family and watching her kids do the things they love.