Terms & Conditions

Fit Rx suggests that clients take time to read the profiles of fitness trainers providing services at Fit Rx. Individual preferences and training styles are factors that can and will dictate who YOU choose to train with, so we at Fit Rx suggest you take time to get to know who you will be working with.

All trainers are independent contractors and are solely responsible for meeting the criteria and expectations for fitness training at Fit Rx. Each trainer is also expected to manage client schedules and activity. If there is a need to adjust your training schedule and availability, you should make this clear with your trainer.

Members acknowledge that they are entering into a contract with an independent contractor and it is with him/her that the client will establish training sessions and access to the facility within the confines of the operational guidelines of FIT Rx.

Payment for Services are made to FIT Rx and it is agreed upon between trainer and FIT Rx to disburse payment to trainer for services to client (s).

Payment types accepted:

Note: Some credit cards vary in processing time.

All training Personal Training sessions and Small group Training sessions are to be pre-paid prior to beginning the training program.

Personal Training sessions are 45 min in length. Small Group Training sessions are 30 min in length.

Clients must contact their trainer directly by phone to cancel any pre-arranged training session (even free consultation) at least 24 hours prior to scheduled session. Any cancellations made within 24 hr. period will be charged to the client.

In the unlikely event a trainer is unable to continue training a client due to circumstances at that time, accommodations will be made to satisfy remaining sessions and will be transferred to an existing trainer who has accepted to work the with client in order to satisfy the initial training obligation. Or a refund request may be made to FIT Rx if necessary.